Roth’s Mysterion

Originally featured on the cover of Rod & Custom in September 1963, and soon thereafter offered as a Revell model kit, the fascination with Roth’s Mysterion has never declined. This faithful recreation by Dave Shuten of Galpin Auto Sports, painstakingly scaled from the aforementioned model kit, included creating the body and nose from scratch and building the form for the custom blown acrylic bubble top. Dave then drenched it in custom House Of Kolor Kandy Lime Gold Pearl paint with Lime Green pinstriping. The one-off chrome chassis features twin 406 cubic-inch Ford Thunderbird engines and dual FMX transmissions with each driving its own rear wheel. The rear axle incorporates dual ’46 Ford truck banjo center sections with ’48 Ford drum brakes, one-off front wheels 16×3 with motorcycle tires and Radir 15×8 rear wheels with custom grooved piecrust whitewall slicks. Numerous extremely rare vintage parts were used in the recreation including; six Stromberg/ Bendix WW carburetors, a silver metal flake Cragar steering wheel, a ’62 Plymouth Sport Fury headlight bezel, ’49 Ford accessory backup lights, Lucas headlamps, two full sets of Stewart Warner twin blue gauges, and a vintage 63’ Panasonic solid state televison. Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s Mysterion is still the wildest show rod ever built!