Galpin Auto Sports is representing big time at SEMA 2012


The Beetle celebration continues

The Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) “Chopped Top” Beetle has a custom chopped roof; lowered 5.5-inches at the A-pillar and 2.5-inches at the B-pillar for the ultimate raked look. The two FMS Automotive 1956 and 2012 Beetle models were built to show the history of the Volkswagen Beetle with both vehicles getting custom performance upgrades.
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Galpin Auto Sports to Go All Out at 2012 SEMA Show

Galpin Auto Sports, the Authorized Shelby American Mod Shop known for its wild automotive creations, will be featuring several new cars at the upcoming SEMA Show this week. The same shop that brought us Mustangs like the Galpin Auto Sports Scythe and the 550-horsepower supercharged custom wide body Mustang, plan to break new ground this year.

Some new creations for the 2012 Show include a custom vintage 1966 Ford Bronco, built to handle the roughest off-road terrain and look good on the pavement as well. Then there’s the Galpin Gasser III, which follows the same vintage period-correct race style of Galpin Gassers I and II. The shop even created a custom Volkswagen Beetle Turbo.

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Custom Beetles At SEMA

These include a beach-themed car developed with European Car Magazine, a low-riding “Chopped Top” Beetle from Galpin Auto Sports (GAS), and a pair of Beetles – one a 1956 model and the other from 2012 – developed by FMS Automotive.

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