Halloween Celebration at Galpin Motors Oct 25th and 26th


A parade of vintage glory: Mustang rally dazzles in the valley heat


The corners of Roscoe Blvd. and Orion Street were turned into a car lover’s paradise on Sunday. In the northwest corner, Mustangs were gathered like the cool kids in high school and the low-riders situated behind them stood as their Danny Zuko-esque foil.

To their south were the custom rods, the wild children of cars. A truck resembling a World War II army transport truck stood next to what could only be described as a death mobile.

Inside the lone air-conditioned room, the Galpin Auto Sport showroom, the original Batmobile laid in wait, terrifying evil as it did in the 1966 show. Those who passed over the proceedings on the 405 North overhead, hurtled over an organized orgy of steel, oil and rubber that was the 3rd annual Galpin Auto Show. -

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Galpin Motors holds third annual car show in LA


Galpin Motors in the San Fernando Valley, CA held its third annual car show. The show honored the great George Barris and Bob Ferris with an exclusive invite only party the night before located in Galpin’s private collection.

George Barris is known as the king of Kustomizers creating machines such as the Batmobile while Bob Ferris is known as Galpin’s own off-roading legend. The party prior to the show honored both men while also hosting some auto industry VIPs. There was no shortage or incredible cars or good food.

The car show welcomed any owner looking to share the passion with other car people. Anything from a brand-new Mustang GT to a Morgan 3-wheeler was displayed by proud owners.

Amidst the sweltering triple digit temperatures, folks from all over came to share the passion. Delicious BBQ, and refreshments kept owners and the public satisfied while those more interested in experiencing a little speed participated in the outdoor go-kart track set up by MB2 Raceway.

2014 Pebble Beach: Galpin Ford’s $1 million supercar


Brandon Boeckmann slips into the driver’s seat of the low-slung, gull-wing sports car, grins, and says, “So, how fast do you want to go?”

A minute later, on a Monterey back street, he punches the gas pedal and demonstrates exactly how a 1,058-horsepower supercar that weighs only 3,600 pounds goes from zero to 60 mph in under three seconds.

Boeckman is the scion of the family that has owned the huge Galpin Ford auto dealership in the San Fernando Valley. His grandfather Bert went to work for Galpin in 1953 and purchased the company in the 1960s; his father just retired from Galpin, where his uncle is still president.

The younger Boeckmann had come to Monterey Car Week to show off the Galpin GTR1, his company’s latest offering.

The custom-made, “coach-built” automobile runs a 5.4-liter V-8 dual overhead cam engine, supercharged, that produces 977 foot-pounds of torque.

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Galpin Motors Car Show – Sunday September 14th


Galpin Ford GTR1 Concept Hits the Road in Monterey


The Monterey motorsports weekend is a showcase for unique cars. In a place where most Lamborghinis, Ferraris and McLarens barely turn a head, you essentially have to be in a one-of-a-kind vehicle to make any sort of impression. We did just that when we climbed into the Galpin Ford GTR1 concept for a quick tour around the Peninsula.

The GTR1 concept debuted last year at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Built to represent Galpin Auto Sports’ vision of what a next-generation Ford GT would embody, that first concept sported twin turbochargers that increased output to 1,024 horsepower and 739 pound-feet of torque.

According to Galpin’s Brandon Boeckmann, they didn’t quite like the turbos’ personality, so they installed a massive 4.0-liter Whipple supercharger instead. The GTR1 concept now boasts 1,058 hp and 992 lb-ft of torque.

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Galpin Ford GTR1 Takes a Road Trip to Pebble Beach


Ventura Blvd Magazine features the Ford Transit Skyliner Concept


Ventura Blvd - Transit skyiner article

Object Lesson: The ‘Big Daddy’ Roth car that was lost, then found


Every car has a story. But few are as good as the one surrounding “The Orbitron,” the space-age ride created in 1964 by California’s most renowned custom car builder, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth.

The car had an electric-blue asymmetrical body that sported a bubble-shaped roof. The interiors consisted of sky-blue shag (known colloquially as “monkey fur”). Just under the dash, it featured a full-blown color television — presumably so that the driver could stay up on all the telenovelas while sitting in rush-hour traffic.

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Mustang Madness Weekend – Ponies on Parade at Petersen Auto Museum

SoCal enthusiasts enjoy a great day of sun and Mustang fun at LA’s Petersen Museum

If you were to ask someone the question, “what is the automotive capital of the United States?” most people would answer, “Detroit,” as it’s the home of the “Big 3” US car makers (Brand X, Brand X-2 and Ford), and city that’s recognized as the Mecca of the automotive industry.

While that answer certainly gets no argument from us, there’s also a lot that definitely can be said about Southern California; the area ranging from Los Angeles to San Diego. We consider this to be a leading car territory as well, because with its year-‘round sunny skies and warm temperatures, SoCal is a perfect place for car enthusiasts—especially Mustang enthusiasts—to live and fully enjoy all of the many facets of the automotive lifestyle.

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Hot Rod Magazine features the awesome recreation of the Back Up Pickup


Hot-Rod---March-2014-3Hot-Rod---March-2014-2 Hot-Rod---March-2014-4 Hot-Rod---March-2014-5 Hot-Rod---March-2014-6 Hot-Rod---March-2014-1

G.A.S. at Barrett Jackson – Jan. 12th-19th 2014


For additional event details please check the Barrett Jackson website.

To watch the action on television, check the following schedule:

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 7.51.24 AM

The 2014 G.A.S. Calendar is Here!

We are excited to share with you the 2014 G.A.S. calendar. Filled with 13 months of awesome cars, it is sure to keep you entertained and up to date throughout the year. Enjoy!

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Beau Boeckmann and the GTR1 Supercar interview on Car Cast with Adam Carolla


Beau Boeckmann of Galpin Auto Sports brings in the Galpin Ford GTR1 supercar! We hear about his family history with Galpin and talk about flying Pintos, barn finds and unsellable Shelbys.

 Listen to the interview here

G.A.S. will be a the LA Auto Show Nov. 22 – Dec. 1


Visit for more details.

SEMA 2013: Galpin Auto Sports goes blue with widebody Shelby GT500

Galpin Auto Sports first showed off their widebody kit for the Ford Mustang at SEMA in 2010, and since then the Southern California customizers have shown off numerous versions since. Their latest is this 2013 Shelby GT500 you see here, painted in the classic Shelby livery of Guardsman Blue with Wimbledon White racing stripes.

The blue theme continues on the inside of the car with a fully custom leather interior that covers nearly every inch of the cockpit from the Recaro seats to the door panels.

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MSN Auto Selects the 1969 Ford Mach IV “Four-Engine” Mustang as one of the best of SEMA


Galpin Ford has been building and customizing unique one-off vehicles for years, and this is an early example of the company’s creative genius. As the name says, this dragster — built by Gary Weckesser — is powered by four V8 engines. Based on a 1969 Ford Mustang funny car, this dragster was quite popular on the show circuit from 1969 to 1975. But it wasn’t simply a show car; its four engines put out an estimated 3000 horsepower. The Mach IV could hit a quarter-mile in around seven seconds at a speed of 180 mph.

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Autobytel Picks Their Best of 2013 SEMA in Photos


Autobytel picks GAS’ Iron Orchid as one of it’s top vehicles of the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

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The Back-Up Pickup Wheelstander Recreation Debuts at SEMA 2013


Bam! Direct from the glory days of drag-racing exhibitionists comes this recreation of the wheelstanding Back-Up Pickup. We first brought this to you in a news item when the truck was under construction, and now Dave Shuten at Galpin Auto Sports has the project complete and on display at the 2013 SEMA Show. He cranked out the complete buildup in 12 weeks, but now will be slowed down repairing a gack in the front corner of the truck by the delivery van that shipped it to Las Vegas. At the show, we had the chance to hang out with builder Shuten and with Ed Justice Jr., whose company Justice Bros. was a major sponsor of the truck when it was new. So was Galpin Ford, from 1969 to 1971, hence the connection to Galpin Auto Sports.

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GAS At SEMA 2013

GAS is proud to be back at SEMA Las Vegas, showcasing a variety of our one of a kind cars and awesome Galpinized vehicles. Our booth will be outside by the Ford Proving Grounds, where you will find Iron Orchid, the Backup Pickup and the GTR1, but we will have builds all over SEMA!