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Visit the GAS showroom.

HOT ITEM: Transit Skyliner: The luxury ground transport of the future.


Galpin Auto Sports is proud to partner with Ford Motor Company in bringing you Transit Skyliner! Constructed as a substitute for the modern limousine and built off the all-new 2015 Ford Transit, Galpin Auto Sports customized this colassal conversion van with versatility and comfort at the forefront of their design. Fashioning the interior with four modes of accommodation – theater, business, reception and travel – every feature within may be tailored to a set mode or to the liking of each individual passenger with just the swipe of a finger. From the adjustable custom-designed seats to the mood lighting and technology all interior features are controlled by smart phone or tablet… And that’s just a taste, for more information check out the press coverage!

Click here for Transit Skyliner’s build video by Ford
Click here for a walk through of Transit Skyliner
Click here for a presentation of Transit Skyliner’s entertainment system

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